OKEAN’s initial idea was to be a boutique builder, to fulfill few orders, without a production line. However, the international experience of Nércio Fernandes, the company’s founder, made him see the business as something much bigger.

 “What really happened was that it wouldn’t be possible to make a company the size we wanted, the size we were developing, only in the Brazilian market. So I said: I’m going abroad. I’ll pursue the foreign market because I think we have a different product. It was the result of the combination of a little bit of vision and a little bit of concept”. With the Brazilian market at a slow pace and having a large dealer abroad, the shipyard’s focus stopped being a boutique manufacturer and started to consolidate itself in the American market as a platform for the world market.

OKEAN believes that it can also serve the Brazilian market. “What we are trying to do is set up an infrastructure to have a more appealing, accessible price here for Brazil. I think we will make it, it´s all about scale, I think we will have a good price here, and that will open the door for us more. ”, Said Nércio, who stressed that the doors are not closed for Brazil. Whoever wants an OKEAN, only has to pre-order. “We are not going to stop selling, we produce boats for stock. I think we will be able to serve the national market well in 2021 ”.

With the OKEAN models being developed and manufactured, the shipyard’s objective is to “completely industrialize”. According to Nércio, the main difficulty is operating on this level in Brazil. “It’s not easy, the amount of limitations that we have to work under. These first three years were important for us. It is still a business with a long maturation process ”.

Even without having Brazil as the main focus, the exportation of OKEAN yachts draws attention from the domestic market. According to Nércio, the boat and the shipyard are already dear to Brazilians, who can see value in the brand that is standing out abroad. “By selling abroad, we are already strengthening the brand here. Seeing a

Brazilian brand being born and recognized abroad is a source of pride. We can dream of really being an international brand ”.

With 50´ and 3 comfortable cabins, OKEAN is a semi-displacement hull thats versatility allows for high performance , comfortable navigation, all while maintaining significant fuel economization.